Share YOUR story about what food sovereignty/security/safety means to you! Email a picture + short story (max 100 words) to share with Vancouver Island food communities and be eligible for a chance to win a new camera or some traditional medicines. Con ...


Cedar Weaving

Both days at the Conference Cedar weaving has been taught. It has been a great experience sitting near the women weaving, teaching and learning. There is so much strength in women sharing space together and growing and healing together through working wi ...

Serving up some delicious food at lunch time

Traditional Foods Feast!

After our day of learning, sharing and teachings, conference participants got to sit together and enjoy a dead with each other. Communities from across the west coast region donated traditional and sea foods for our feast. We truly appreciate the donation ...

Indigenous Food Planning Champions

Conference Committee

The conference committee is wearing red hoodies at the conference to help us stand out and stay warm in the chilly rainy weather. If you're here and have a question or want to talk about VICCIFN please track us down!


Opening in the Longhouse

Conference coordinator Anne Robinson introduced the Elders who guided the planning of this Traditional Foods Conference. Julia Lucas spoke of the role and importance of women in nurturing children and supporting communities. Two young women provided pie ...